4 Things to Look Out For In Order to Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Most people are not aware of the dangers that reside in one’s home, and which can affect their health.

While some of these are easy to get rid of, others require more persistence in order to make your home a safer place.

That said, here are 4 things to look out for in order keep your family safe behind closed doors:

#1: Mold, fungus and rot

Caused by spores, you can find them between tiles in the bathroom, behind walls and water sources at home. Mould also exists in and around the frames of windows due to condensation or even faulty construction too. As for fungus and rot, these can exist in wooden supports especially if the wood used in flooring is old.

#2: Chemicals

There are a number of harsh cleaning fluids that have ammonia or chlorine and which is why a thumb of rule is to avoid purchasing products that need you to wear a mask or that burn the skin. Remember to avoid any cleaning fluids that may asthma, burn and irritate the lungs and the skin.

#3: Chlorinated Water

Even though chlorinated water isn’t that dangerous compared to the others, it’s still a good idea to install filters on showers and sinks. In fact, you can even add a general filter that cleans the water for the entire house. As a rule, don’t use plastic bottles to store water but use glass bottles instead.

#4: Ventilation

Stale air is dangerous as it can be harmful to your overall health. This is why it is important to not only open your windows every day but also add a few green plants to your home. A ventilation system would also be a good idea.