Door Hinge Comparison Guide

Purchasing a new door or replacing an existing door is a task that requires you to make a lot of choices. Along with determining the style, color and material of your door, you also need to be aware of your hardware options. This includes choosing from several different types of door hinges, which are used to connect the door and let it open and shut.

There are some of the most common types of door hinges that are used in home doors:

Barrel Hinges: Barrel hinges are aptly named, as the main hinge is short, stubby and hollow. The rotational force is driven to the pivot. These are typically used in high traffic areas where the door will be used frequently, as they are very durable.

Piano Hinges: These are also known as continuous hinges because they go all the way up and down the length of a door or a box. These are often used in cabinets, chests and jewelry boxes but can also be used for front entrance doors to provide additional strength.

Flag Hinges: Flag hinges are able to rotate 360 degrees, making them a great choice for doors that need to rotate in a variety of directions. The hinges can also be separated so that it is easy to remove the door. They are a good choice for outdoor doors and fencing that need a heavy-duty hinge.

Butt Hinges:  Also known as mortise hinges, butt hinges are one of the hinges most commonly found in residential homes. Three or four butt hinges are typically installed on a door, where they are put directly into the frame of the door.

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