A Guide on Choosing the Right Foam for your Sofa

Written by: Foam Factory, Inc.

When you want to breathe new life into your sofas you’re going to need to replace the cushion. It’s easy right? Just find a cushion, unzip the material and shove it in. That’s only part of the process. There are different types of sofa seat cushions that have numbers designated to them based on their comfort and support. This determines how stiff or soft it feels when you sit on it.


Sofa foam replacement can cost you a pretty penny and can actually out-cost your entire couch itself. With many types of foam out there that is of lesser quality, expect to get what you pay for. Don’t rule these out as many times sofas are barely used and are primarily set up for décor purposes.

When you look into foam that’s designed to last for 10 years, the price that you pay could be somewhat hefty. If your couch isn’t going to last 10 years, you’re better off cutting costs and purchasing a less expensive sofa foam.

If you want the best out of your sofa, remember these tips. Down and feather materials are great for comfort but they require high maintenance and constant care. They must be shaken and fluffed each time someone sits on it. For a vintage sofa that isn’t going to be used, this would be a great option. Foam cushions can absorb water with little to no effect on the product. If you have allergic reactions to your sofa, look into purchasing latex cushions as they are hypoallergenic.

When you are looking for fabric to cover your foam, upholstery is a popular option that many homeowners use. Because of its ability to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, many families go to this as their number one option. Also, a good thing to know is something called the “rub count”. A 20,000-rub fabric won’t withstand the same amount of usage as an 80,000-rub fabric. The difference is the amount of damage that it can withstand after continuous use. The sofa in front of your television is a perfect example of a high rub count.

There is no perfect foam available. The ideal foam has the right amount of support and cushion that is right for you. Since everybody is different and their preferences varying, make sure to consult with a professional on what type of foam that you should get. With these tips, you can explain which specific type you are looking for and have it made to those standards.