The Three Factors to Consider When Shopping for Couch Foam

The-Three-Factors-to-Consider-When-Shopping-for-Couch-FoamBuying the right replacement foam for your couch comes down to three factors: support, durability and comfort. Find out why each of these is so important when shopping for replacement foam.


Written by the Foam Factory, Inc.


Finding the right couch foam can make a huge difference in restoring your old furniture to its past level of comfort. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting on old couch cushions that no longer have any bounce or provide you with any support. Not only do they not feel good, but sitting on them can make you sore.


When this happens to your couches, you can make them feel as good as new by putting in new foam. Replacement cushions are easy and affordable to do and can make an instant impact on how your couches feel. There are three main factors to consider when you are comparing different types of foam to use as a replacement for sofa cushions:


Support: You need the foam to be able to support the amount of weight of a person sitting on it without the foam compressing.


Durability: A foam that you are using for a sofa seat replacement is going to be used for years to come. You need to make sure that the foam is durable enough to maintain its level of support for a long time.


Comfort: Along with being strong enough to support weight and to last for a long time, you also want the foam to be comfortable. After all, sitting on a foam cushion that is too stiff is almost as uncomfortable as sitting on one that has been depressed from years of use. The key is to find a foam that will be soft enough to provide a high level of comfort will also meeting the standards of support and durability you need in a seat cushion.


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