How to Redesign Your Backyard

Landscaping your yard comes with many rewards. You get to create something lovely and you can save money by doing it yourself. You have the pride of having accomplished something amazing. If you have a big job to do though, one thing that can save you lots of time and money is by buying certain materials in bulk.

For instance, if you are planning to tackle installing some new flower beds out front, planting some hedges and landscaping around your deck out back, then there are a number of products you will use over and over. These include mulch, top soil, potting soil, fertilizer, sand, gravel, and plants just to name a few.

Start by making a rough diagram of your new design for the area. Next, write down the materials you’ll need. Try to be specific. This can save you some time at the landscape supply company. Be sure to save your receipts so that you can return any unused or unwanted items.

If you are the type of person who spends lots of time outdoors doing yard work, you will eventually use any extra fertilizer or potting soil. Be sure to have an area laid out for storage. That way, as soon as you return home, you can start unloading your pickup truck and get supplies better organized.

Wicker furniture is a great idea for the backyard. It’s lightweight so you can move your wicker furniture around as needed. Change out the cushions after a few years for a whole new ambiance. Choose from many styles and colors at Wicker Paradise. There, you’ll find beautiful outdoor wicker furniture.

Should you turn your backyard into another living room?

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Recently, the Washington Post called living room furnishings in backyards “the new American status symbol.” Today, there are even deck competitions that give out awards for the best outdoor living area. In an era where backyards have become another way to express yourself through home design, you might be wondering where to start.

An outdoor area with heaters, couches, and other traditional home fixtures can be an inviting space for yourself or visitors. You may not be willing to spend an extravagant amount of dollars on a waterfall or hot tub like the gentleman in the Washington Post’s article, but you can add comfortable furnishings to your backyard or patio to make it a more luxurious place to live. Simple touches such as adding outdoor wicker furniture or Treasure Garden umbrellas to provide some shade can transform your backyard into a comfortable living space perfect for entertaining guests or for relaxation by yourself.

Outdoor wicker furniture is great because it looks elegant and is designed to address weather challenges. It is made from a synthetic resin that is resistant to moisture and sunlight damage. Treasure Garden umbrellas are also versatile, high-quality fixtures that add a splash of color while providing shade for outdoor lounging sessions.

If you’re looking for furnishings for your next outdoor living area project, be sure to check out Wicker Paradise’s selection of outdoor furniture. You’ll find outdoor wicker furniture as well as selections from the acclaimed outdoor furniture brand Lane Venture. Contact them today for more details on their excellent furniture products.

How Rattan Furniture Can Refresh Your Office Design

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There are a number of things that are crucial for effective work inside an office building. Space, efficiency, and functionality are all necessary for an office design that promotes productivity. However, there is another factor that significantly affects employees’ ability to perform well.

Experts have concluded that workplace aesthetics, such as natural elements, the presence of scenic views, and artwork on the walls, can significantly affect employee morale and productivity. Other studies have shown that unattractive workplaces can negatively affect employees, suggesting the need for more aesthetically pleasing elements.

In light of this, companies should find creative new ways to improve their workplace’s appearance without making it too distracting for employees. The use of nature-inspired elements such as natural rattan furniture can change an office’s atmosphere without sacrificing employee focus.

Rattan furniture is made from plant-based materials, namely the rattan plants that can be found in Southeast Asia. Its caned appearance is elegant, exotic, and pleasing to the eye. It would create a more relaxing, alluring

How to find money for home upgrades?

Article by Amazing Interior Design Ideas

Everyone dreams of upgrading their home as it means that you have more space and can enjoy the things you love. However, most of us work within tight budgets and funding home upgrades can seem difficult. Here are some simple ways you can gather the funds to make your home upgrade dreams come true.

Is your project a good investment – You want your investment to increase savings or increase the value of your home. For example, if you are looking at upgrading your home appliances to more energy efficient appliances, consider how much you will save from the switch. If you are looking at increasing the value of your home, start with upgrades that increase your home’s curb appeal. For example, giving your home a fresh coat of paint or changing your front door can instantly change the look of your home. Always make sure that your investment adds value to your home before starting a new project.

Make a budget before borrowing – You will have a basic idea of how much you are willing to spend on a renovation. To confirm your budget, browse online websites and find out how much your renovation will cost. Remember to pad contractor estimates by at least 10 percent. If you intend on doing the upgrade yourself, add a further 20 percent to take into account any mishaps that happen on the way.

Use promotions – Credit cards often offer interest-free purchases for big-ticket home renovation appliances and furniture. Look at obtaining a credit card that offers a discount at the stores you are considering.


8 Ways to live in a small house

Article by The Black Snapper

Although small houses are cozy, they can feel cramped. Here are some smart tips to help you stay sane in a small home.

Add a fold-up table – Buy a dining table that will fold onto the wall and where the chairs can be hung on the walls above it. When your dining table is not in use, you can enjoy a large kitchen space for cooking.

Add storage under the stairs – Build drawers, shelves, and cabinets to use the space under the stairs.

A king-size bed – Pieces that will help you relax will make you feel like you have more space.

Install a skylight – More light will always make a space look larger and provide more views of the outdoors.

Punch out a wall – Removing a wall and opening up your space will make for a larger room and the feel of more space.

Include mirrors – Sliding mirrors and reflective paint will help to make a room look larger.

Borrow – If you don’t need a lawnmower, leaf blower, and a pressure washer, ask your family and neighbors if you can borrow it from time to time. Not only will this save you a lot of space, but it will also be a lot cheaper.

Bring in plants – Adding plants like ferns, palms, and cactuses in your living spaces will brighten a space and give you the illusion of more space.


What carpet is best for stairs?

Article by UNDFS

Stairs are the most common place to add carpeting, but choosing the right type of carpeting for your stairs is key to ensuring its durability and to reducing maintenance costs. Here are a few areas to consider when selecting carpeting for your stairs.

Carpet quality – Your stairs will have a lot of traffic as they will be in constant use. Therefore, it is best to use the highest quality carpeting you can afford, as it will end up lasting you a lot longer.

Durability – Look for carpeting that is made for stairs and those that provide sufficient padding.

Thickness – Ensure that your carpet is the right thickness, as a carpet that is too thick can be a safety hazard. When a carpet is too thick, it can leave the foot with less support, causing slips, and falls. Plus, you will find that carpet installers will not like to work with thick carpets on stairs, as it can be difficult to wrap the mat on the stairs. Look at a carpet with a pile height of 1/2 inch or less and a carpet padding of 7/16 inch or less with a pile density rating of at least 8 pounds.

Soil resistance – Stain resistance is not that important as your carpet will not get too many spills. However soil resistance is essential especially if your stairs are very close to an outdoor entrance. To reduce residue, look at placing a mat to remind family and guests to clean their feet before they come into your home. You could also ask people to remove all footwear before they enter your home.


Tips on looking after your mailbox

Article by EZ Biz Niz 

When it comes to yard maintenance, one of the last things that comes to a homeowners mind is the Mailbox. Most of the time go unnoticed for very long periods until something happens like damage, rust, or it starts to fall apart.

For a homeowner who is interested in mailbox maintenance and upkeep, here are some basic tricks and tips you can employ to keep your mailbox looking new.

First, take care of the loose hinges on the door. Make sure they are tight and oil them regularly. Make sure you replace the faded or missing house numbers and somehow don’t let rust develop. As soon as rust sets in, it is just a matter of time before it needs replacement.

One easy way to keep the mailbox in good shape, is to paint it often. As soon as it starts to chip, peel, or fade, give it a fresh coat of paint. It will look like new. Sandpaper or a wire brush the mailbox to remove mold or rust. Use an all-purpose cleaner on the surface before you paint and remove any grit.

The right time to paint the flag and the door of the mailbox is when the paint coats and the primer on the mailbox are drying. Before you reassemble the mailbox make sure the paint is dry.  Lastly, if you need to replace a mailbox that has been knocked down, remember to check with your local postmaster about rules and guidelines on how to proceed with a replacement.

6 Rules to a clutter-free kitchen

Article by 717 Design

If you dream of a neat and tidy kitchen, then here are the simple tips you will have to follow to enjoy a kitchen picture perfect.

Keep the countertops clear – Clutter will always start on your kitchen countertop, so resist the urge to place things like mail, keys, magazines, dishes or jars of food on your counter. Look at making space in your shelves and always keep your counters clear.

Keep things in cabinets – If you want things to be neater, make use of your cabinets and store all your kitchen items away and out of sight. If you have too much, and often buy items you never use, look at giving them away to a friend or family member.

Follow the “one in, one out” rule – This rule means that if you bring anything new for the kitchen, something that is not in use has to go out. Keeping this rule in mind will often mean that you always keep items that you truly use daily.

“Don’t put it down, put it away” rule – Everything you own should have a place, which means that you will always place items where they belong and therefore not leave items lying around the kitchen and dining area.

Remove stuff from your refrigerator – Remove paper, notes, photos, lists, and magnets from the refrigerator, as they will make your kitchen look cluttered.

Find alternatives to the pile – Look at hanging your items for easy access instead of piling them in your cabinets.

Top Renovations That Won’t Drastically Raise Property Values

Summary: Depending on your personal lifestyle, renovations might be necessary. That being said, not all renovations will increase the value of your property.

One of the best aspects of owning your own home is the ability to freely renovate – as far as your contract goes. Depending on the condition of the house, when you put it on the market, and how desirable the area is, you might end up profiting a hefty sum when you find the right buyer. Even if you are not planning on selling your house in the near future, you should be aware of the various renovations that will not boost the value of your home.

Luxurious Appliances

Some homeowners are stuck with the mentality that high-end appliances will drastically increase property values. An expensive and sophisticated kitchen could be perfect for the person who loves cooking. Stainless steel appliances and a large marble island will instantly grab the attention of your visitor but you have to keep in mind that not every potential buyer will want what you’re installing. A construction consulting company can be looked into if you aren’t sure where to start.

Large Garage Space

Many people feel like they simply do not have enough storage space in their house. If you want an extra space to park your car or if you simply want more room for your belongings, then expanding your garage might be a no-brainer. Although you might get the space you need for storage or even an extra vehicle, whoever is looking at your house might be looking to expand elsewhere.

Firms like Lyle Charles Consulting will tell you that a garage is usually something that tenants tend to expect and might not be inclined to spend more on.

Using Technology to Grow Your Construction Firm

Summary: Following some simple strategies can help you grow your construction company.

The barrier for entry for starting a business has never been lower. There are a number of resources available online that can take out a lot of the guesswork involved in starting something from the ground up. Even if you have not gone to business school, some digging around online can help you find high quality material, from affordable online classes to articles written by people who have experience in the field, that can help you get started.

Learn From Others

If you have an internet connection you have access to a tremendous amount of information. The good thing about this is that you can find information on nearly any topic imaginable. The downside to this, on the other hand, is that it can be challenging to sift through the sheer amount of information that is available. How can you decide what is reliable and what is not? The best way you can use the internet as a learning tool is to do your research and learn from different sources. A report posted by a reputable construction claims management company, for example, might be more reliable than a relatively unknown blog you stumbled upon.

Use the information you find to help understand different aspects of running a construction business and to familiarize yourself with the industry, as a whole. Not relying on one single source, but rather using a variety of tools, can help give you a well-rounded perspective. That being said, you need to find a balance between researching and doing. Experimenting, trying new things, finding out how you like to work, making mistakes, and ultimately learning from them is how you will build your intuition.

Stand Out Online

In the past, it seemed like the best way to grow your business was to advertise in-person or through print avenues. Today, however, there is great strength in using online tools to grow your brand and get people’s attention. Firms like Lyle Charles Consulting have clean websites that people can easily digest to get a feel for whether or not they want to do business with them. Creating a path of least resistance to the customers can be highly beneficial.

Having a robust online presence, such as through social media and online resources, can help attract clients. Even if the person who stumbles upon your content is not in need of construction services, leaving a good impression can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations.