Custom Cushion Materials Good for Blocking Allergens

Custom Cushion Materials Good for Blocking AllergensWritten by: The Foam Factory

Springtime is here, and while spring brings in warmer weather and more outdoor activities, it can also mean the rise of allergy season. Since allergens can get into the house and cause homeowners problems, it’s good to know that there are custom foam cushions that can be used to stop that.

One such example of a material that can help with this problem is a memory foam mattress or lining. This particular material can be custom made with some plant-based oils and is supposed to be less likely to induce allergies or an asthma attack than traditional polyurethane oil. So using this on some custom foam means that there won’t be any need to purchase some new cushions as to prevent allergy attacks.

Using some natural latex foam is another kind of material that can be made to resist against allergens. The latex foam is made from rubber tree sap not unlike the way maple syrup is collected. The good thing about the latex foam is that it can be contoured in a way that makes it suitable for placing on cushions, cushion filling, linen and other kinds of furniture in general, and is also very resistant to allergens, mold and bacteria. Furthermore, the latex foam can also last for a very long time, between twenty and thirty years to be exact and will naturally biodegrade over that time period.