How to organize your garage

yourhomeimprovementYour garage is not only used to park your car, if used right, it can be a great space saver. Most people store their unnecessary junk by the side of the garage walls. This is a sure way to accumulate junk as well as not be able to find an item when your really need it. Here are the tips you need to get your garage in good shape;

To organize your space, you will need at least 3 to 4 days or a few weekends. Consider the garage “clean” a project and get the family involved.

Start with dividing your piles into keep, sell or donate. You could place these items on tarps on the floor or on your driveway. Look for items that are broken, expired (chemicals etc) and items that you have not used in years.

Your keep pile should be then separated into broad categories, such as sports equipment, hand tools, christmas decor etc.

To store your items it is best to start off with cardboard boxes. You can mark its contents with a marker on the side of the box.

To use your space wisely have some shelving put in. The shelving racks you install should be not too high, making them easily accessible.

The best and cheapest way to store your items is in plastic baskets (Square baskets are best). You could buy these from any homeware store. Try to buy them in a variety of colours, this way you will find it easier to store and locate an item.