Energy Efficiency and Air Conditioners

Written by MovinCool

Energy efficiency especially when it comes to the use of air conditioners is quite a major concern around the house. You might consider taking the steps mentioned below to help in an efficient use of energy with minimal wastage.

Install window shading

Shadings help to keep the region cool thus limiting the amount of energy needed to cool down the place. This can be achieved by using patio covers, solar screens or awnings to shield from the sun. Another long term alternative is to plant trees, vines and shrubs to shield from the sun. Window films can also be applied to windows and doors to reduce peak demands during hot weather and preserve energy when air conditioning is in use. These solar control window films also contribute to reduce exposure to UV radiations and glare. This method is also effective for data center cooling.

Seal ducts and increase attic insulation

It might seem insignificant, but a leaking ductwork in your home might represent 25 percent of your cooling cost. To reduce energy costs you might consider testing your ducts for any leaks and have them repaired and sealed by a qualified contractor. If your existing insulation level is a R-19 or under that figure, you might consider raising the level to R-30 in order to save on energy.

Invest in a new air-conditioning unit

If your AC unit is quite old, you might consider changing it for a new one as recent models have developed more effective energy saving properties. You can also try out rental portable air conditioners while the replacement is ongoing.

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