What to do with the extra garage space

Written by The Oaks Development Company

Having an extra garage space can be the opportunity to extend part of your house or to transform the space into something useful that you might have been considering for a long time. Alternatively, the list below might give you some ideas.

  1. The Game Room

A gaming room might be useful to the whole family. You could install a powerful computer and gaming system and add large monitors and speakers. You can keep the decoration limited to a gaming theme by opting for metallic and electronic elements.

2.Home Gym

If you tend to workout a lot and would have preferred not having to hit the gym every time, you might consider creating a home gym out of the extra space. This would especially be convenient if you already had some equipment stacked somewhere. The idea is to keep the space decluttered to enable you to move around. You might also consider getting ventilation works done to improve air circulation.

  1. Home Theater

A home theater is the dream of almost all cinema lovers. You can make the most of your extra space by mounting a large screen and adding the appropriate sound system. You can keep the room dark but opting for black wall colors. An added bonus would be to keep a refrigerator handy.

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