Six rustic ways to decorate your home with nature

Article written by : Furniture Holic

yourhomeimprovementHome interiors are now getting inspired by nature by using plants and animals in fabrics and ceramics. Here are some ideas that will help you apply this theme to your home.

Storage jars as a miniature cacti garden – Large jars are great to create your own small cacti garden. You just need to fill your jar with sand, plants, and different succulents.

Appliquéd insect cushion – Draw an insect silhouette with tailor’s chalk onto a piece of fabric. Try felts and wool fabrics, as they work well for appliqué. Then simply cut your shape and use machine embroidery to attach the shape to a cushion.

Butterfly pin board – To start this project, just cut butterflies from wrapping paper. Then choose a sheet of paper and stick it to a lightweight cardboard. Fold your butterflies in half and then pin them to your board.

Botanical papers and tags – Wrap your gifts by using detailed botanical and entomological motifs, cut out from wrapping paper. Make sure you choose rough recycled papers that give a rustic vibe.

Photographs – Choose a wallpaper with a collection of framed prints, butterfly and insect specimens and paste it in a small confined area, like a library.

Ceramics – Purchase small, medium to large ceramics of rabbits, squirrels, frogs and pigeons from homeware stores or flea markets. They are great to place on shelves or night stands, to soften your space.


5 Ways to increase the comfort of your home

Article Written by : Furniture Your Way

Ayourhomeimprovement may 2016fter a long day’s work, coming home, is what most people rely on for rest and relaxation. Therefore, ensuring your home is comfortable, is key to maintaining a healthy work life balance. Here are 5 ways to increase the comfort of your home.

Windows are a great way to add natural light and provide fresh air. To reduce noise, look at glazing your windows. This involves inserting a gas between the glass plates. This will prevent a lot of outdoor noise interrupting your sleep and relaxation time.

Lighting – Natural lighting is best, however if natural light is not possible, invest in some targeted lighting. Look at adding extra light with a desk lamp or overhead lamps. This will give your space a sense of comfort and balance.

Flooring – Walking across cold hard flooring can be difficult. If you cannot invest in heated flooring, invest in a few comfortable, bright rugs. These will help to liven up a room and can even be used to lie on when reading or watching TV.

Pets – Pets are a great way to reduce stress and give you a sense of comfort after a busy day. This is especially true for people who live alone.

Plants – Plants will make a home aesthetically pleasing and help purify the air. Caring and watching a plant grow can reduce blood pressure and prevent allergies, according to some studies. Choose indoor plants that are easy to maintain and need less natural light.