5 Snap-On Tools for the Home

Written by: Toolsmith Direct

Snap-On is a professional-grade tool manufacturer. Founded in 1920, the company has designed implements for the military, the government, agriculture, and construction companies across the United States. They also have a number of consumer-grade tools, based on these industrial design principles. Tools like the Snap-On generator are great for the home, fitting a variety of circumstances with just a few small adjustments.

Air Compressor

Your air compressor should be able to plug directly into the wall, leaving just a hose and a nozzle to complete the setup. Air compressors are great for clearing debris from a tool bench, but they help with more practical tasks too. Got a flat bicycle tire? You can inflate it with an air compressor. You can even attach paint spray nozzles to make painting a room simple and fast.

Pressure Washer

A Snap-On pressure washer is perfect for some of the hard to clean spots around the house. You can pressure wash your driveway to remove stains from long ago, or you can pressure wash your home to remove caked on debris. It’s important that you carefully adjust the pressure coming from the hose, as you may damage the surface you’re washing if the pressure is too high.

Box Cutters

Box cutters can be used for more than just breaking down cardboard. You can use box cutters on drywall to make precision incisions. You can use it to finish cutting the moulding for your wall, or to clean a jagged edge off of something with a small blade. They are handy tools to have, and light enough to where you can keep it on your person. Box cutters are also handy for opening packaging, which is often made of heavy-duty material that prevents tampering.


Snap-On also makes a variety of handheld and freestanding lights. Whether you’re working on your car, between the walls of your home, or beneath the floorboards, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing with high powered flash lights.

Tool Bags

You also need a place to store your tools, which is why you might want to invest in a Snap-On tool bag. It comes with several pockets fit to hold anything you need, from combo wrenches to screw driver sets. The flaps make it easy to organize your tools by task, and there is plenty of storage space outside the pockets so you can easily reach for your tools without opening your bag every few minutes.

Protect Your Backyard From Wild Animals (Raccoons / Deers)

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Whether you are in the city, far away from forests, plains, grasslands, and the rural areas, or in a small town with a nearby forest or grassland, wild animals will find a way to get into your neighborhood. Despite the loud noises the all the other things that may discourage wild animals from getting near your home, they will still find a way.

Keeping the animals at bay

These wild animals can be dangerous and be a source of harm for you and your family, so it is important that you protect your home, especially your backyard from these wild creatures. A good way to solve this is by using an electric fence. Electric fences can serve as a great deterrent for these animals. With the right equipment, you can set the voltage of these fences so that the will not kill the animal if you’re the type to help preserve nature. Otherwise, you can set it at a voltage to make sure that they will never bother you again.

Safe for your family, especially the kids

You might think that the electric fence can also harm your family, especially your kids. Electric fence wire is very versatile so you can put it outside your wooden fence, away form your children. Alternatively you can set it up like barbed wire and place it on top of your current fence to prevent smaller creatures from climbing over while still being out of reach from your kids.


Farm Supply Store is your source for farm and garden supplies. Get everything you need along with extra items that may make your home a safer place such as an electric dog fence.

What You Need to Know About The Types of Fertilizers

If you think that your pets and plants need attention, there’s no doubt that your lawn needs a bit of TLC too. One of the best ways by which you can do this is by fertilizing your lawn.

Apart from this, experts are sure that if you do carry out this simple task, it carries more benefits than you can imagine. Some of these benefits include better resistance against pests and weed, optimal grass growth as well as helping recovery from foot traffic.

Yet the best reason for fertilization of your lawn is because all the nutrients that the soil offers will deteriorate over time.

As for the types of fertilizers, there are three: liquid, granular or weed and feed fertilizer. For the first type, they can be applied every two or three weeks after being mixed with water.

The best part of using liquid fertilizer is that they are easily absorbed by the lawn. Granular fertilizers are divided into two sub-divisions: quick or slow release. However, the major advantage with this is that the property owner has a greater degree of control over how much fertilizer can be used for the lawn.

Another distinction between the two sub-types is that the quick release type lasts between two to three weeks while the slow release version lasts for a little more longer. Before making your selection between the two, make sure you take into account how much water the lawn receives apart from rainfall.

As for the weed and feed fertilizer, it works as both a weed killer and a fertilizer, and which can be used as pre-emergents and post-emergents that are used before or after the weeds grow.

That said, if you are eco-conscious, there are organic equivalents to all the types of weeds mentioned above.

Getting creative with foams and cushions

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If you are a do-it-yourself kind of guy, or someone that has a dominant left hemisphere for a brain, you’ll find that it’s hard to contain your creative side. If you’re quite crafty and good with your hands, you’ll find playing with foams and cushions to be a whole lot of fun. You will literally be able to make and shape your own pillow, match it with something that you knit or sew together, and you’ve got yourself a custom-shaped pillow. This is possible by using Custom cushions and Flexible polyurethane foam that you can shape into whatever form you want. If you have kids, you can make pillows and cushions in the shape of flowers, stars, or even animals if you’re quite the artistic type. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making custom cushions. Raw materials for this is very easy to come by, as a matter of fact you can even order it online. Just have some cutters or scissors with you as well as the shape you want so you can expedite work on your custom cushion. Your kids are really going to love it, and so will you. A little embroidery as well would add the perfect touch by putting on the names of your children or any other additional design you want to have. You can do so much with foams and cushions, all you need is a little planning and a little creativity and you’re practically halfway through.


Foams and custom cushions from Canada foam by mail comes in different shapes, sizes and designs that you can mix and match to go perfectly with your home décor.

Snap On Air Tools for Your Home

Article written by Toolsmith Direct

For many men, there’s something that they take a special interest in. There is this one hobby that can take up a lot of their time, effort, and money. This would be their car. A lot of men, even today, spend a lot of time taking care of their cars and even trying to work on them so they can become and faster.  This type of hobby is something that requires a lot of money, and of course a lot of time and effort. One thing that accompanies these needs are supplies and tools.

There’s a way to lessen all of those required resources and that’s through stores and sellers who can offer you the right tools at great prices. A lot of the tools people use are normal hand tools which are cheaper to use and get. But thanks to quality sellers you can get high quality tools to make your work easier and faster. You can upgrade your toolbox and array of power tools real easy!

Snap-on air tools are easily available to you now and will certainly help in your automotive hobby. Getting a quality Snap-on air hose will certainly be of use when you’re working on your car in your own garage. Use it for inflating tires or any other works that may require an air compressor such as painting. That’s right! You can no paint your own vehicle at home thanks to Snap-on air tools that are easily available to you today.


Toolsmith Direct is your source for anything that is tools! From service to sales, Toolsmith Direct provides quality equipment such as air tools and the Snap-On generator.

Door-Related Accidents

There are literally thousands of garage door accidents each year. Affecting everyone from teenagers to the elderly, garage doors can cause minor injuries (like a sprained finger) or cause something much more severe. It’s one of the fastest and heaviest parts in our home, so it’s important that we treat it with respect and observe some safety precautions before we use this door.

Inform Kids

Many garage door accidents are easy to avoid by keeping your children away from the moving parts. Children are often unaware of the dangers facing them when they play beneath the overhang. You can prevent children from accidentally triggering the door by placing the switch higher up on the wall.

You should also take a short tour with your child and show them where the potential for danger lays. Loose springs, a bad mounting, almost anything can cause your door to become unhinged and fall on someone below. Never assume that your garage door is working, even if it seems like it is. There is always room for you to inspect the mechanism and be prepared.

Perform Maintenance

Your greatest asset in stopping accidents is your own maintenance schedule. Routinely check that your door is responsive when you push the button to open it. Check the frame and be sure that the mechanisms are tightened. You should also be concerned with excess snow build up during the winter, which can cause damage to the electrical box in your garage.

If a problem does creep up, call a professional immediately. It’s important that you find someone who is versed in the setup and maintenance of your garage. Do not try to make all repairs yourself or your run a greater risk of injury.

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Fiberglass: A Proper Door Option

For a long time, the fiberglass door has stood in the shadows of natural wood.  It didn’t have the character, the knots, or the general hearty feel that wood doors typically convey.  And those facts all remain true; however, recent innovations in fiberglass door manufacturing have resulted in fiberglass doors that are beautiful in their own right- not because they almost look like wood.

Less Upkeep. Wood doors are wood, natural products requiring consistent upkeep and maintenance, the absence of which can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the product.  Fiberglass material is durable, customizable (more on this below), and ultimately cleans and maintains easier.   Gone are the annual or biannual staining projects, just sit back and enjoy the beauty of your fiberglass door.

Heaps of Staining Options. Woodgrain finish?  Sure, that can happen.  Bright red?  Absolutely.  Fiberglass door manufacturers have worked tirelessly to ensure the door options you want are available for a large majority of their door styles.

Less Guess Work. Ordering a knotty alder door?  How do you know if you will like the number knots?  What about some of the grain design?  Natural wood has a host of irreversible/correctable conditions that can be sources of disappointment with the product. Another one of the benefits gained when selecting fiberglass is the consistency of the product.  You can still have the wood-like finish (if you so choose), without having to worry about getting a door with two tones, or variations.  Fiberglass takes away much of the wood selection guess work.

Green.  While ETO Doors and other door manufacturers use sustainable foresting processes, avoiding the purchase of a wood door is easily just as ‘green’ of a selection.  And because of the inherent insulating nature of fiberglass, you’ll probably see a change in the heat/cool exchange near your entryway.  For those of us in colder climates, this could translate into energy savings over time.

Speak with one of ETO’s experienced door team members today to learn more about fiberglass door benefits, and receive a free quote.  Call 888 DOORS ETO or go to www.etodoors.com and click on the “LiveChat” function, which is staffed from 9a-5p PST.