3 Home Improvements to Avoid

There’s no doubt that the features and improvement make a big difference to the sale of your home for the price you want.

What’s also obvious is that these improvements also require money and time to carry out. That said, there are a number of these that you’d best avoid because they won’t pay off if you plan to sell your home soon.

That said, here are 3 home improvements that you’d do well to avoid:

#1: Remodeling your Home Office

A number of families have at least one person who works part-time from home. The problem with renovating your home could mean that valuable footage can work as a hindrance for other uses of that space. Also, try and avoid big built-ins as well as bookcase installations which will be difficult if not expensive to remove when you decide to sell your home.

#2: Don’t overdo when it comes to taste

It’s not a good idea to adorn your home with crazy colors, bizarre fixtures and unique fabrics. Think about toning it down a bit as this might deter buyers from purchasing your home. It’s important to remember that the more unique your home is, the less likely it is that buyers will be interested in your home.

#3: Change the style of your home

If you make home improvements which don’t match the original style of your home, that isn’t a good idea. For example, giving your home that super-sleek look won’t help. For that matter, if there are differing styles within your home, prospective buyers are less likely to purchase it.

Door Appeal and the Importance of Clean

Little things mean a lot as prospective buyers approach real estate for sale at an open house or private showing. For instance, the entrance door and screen, if available, should be clean and intact. The door should open easily and hinges should be oiled. It’s best to replace a poorly functioning door with a new one. “New” sometimes means buying a period-appropriate door for an older home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Sellers should never leave dishes in the sink, less than pristine bathroom fixtures, unmade beds, or less than sparkling mirrors, windows, or counter tops for the buyer’s consideration. If the seller doesn’t like to clean, or isn’t a thorough cleaner, it’s important to bring in professionals. Maid services charge by the hour or by project. When in doubt, get several estimates to make sure the home is completely clean before putting the home in the market. Then, take regular, daily steps to maintain pristine condition.

Carpets and Floors

The appearance and even smells of fresh carpets and flooring can have a thrilling effect of prospective purchasers. If the home’s existing carpets are old or permanently soiled, it’s best to install new carpets or chic bare floors before attempting to sell the home.

Fresh and New

Although most sellers don’t include home furnishings in the sale, staging the appearance of every room is important to the buyer. He or she wants to imagine living here, so old or ripped towels, threadbare quilts, or rusty kitchen appliances are likely to turn off many buyers.

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Portable vs. Non-Portable Air Conditioners

By MovinCool

When it comes to keeping cool this summer, your best bet is always going to be air conditioning. Most people understand this, but not everyone agrees on the best method to choose. Keeping cool these days can mean relying on a permanent or portable air conditioning system. Choosing which one makes all the difference, but will depend on a few important factors.

The main one will be the size of your home. For larger ones, you probably want a non-portable unit. A HVAC unit is generally going to handle larger homes better, although you have a number of options to choose from in this regard.

Smaller homes can probably get by with a smaller, portable air conditioner. These often come with dehumidification systems that will help adjust the climate in your home too in order to make living more comfortable.

Sometimes portable units are still the right choice, even if you have a large home, if you simply have less space that needs to be covered. Perhaps you live alone and just need one room cooled at a time. In these situations, a portable unit will save you money and offer greater overall efficiency.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you only have one choice for a cooler home this summer.


MovinCool is an industry leader in rental portable air conditionerand experts when it comes to innovative ways to use this traditional product. Whether you want to stay cool or need system hardware at a certain temperature, MovinCool is here to help.

How to Protect Live Stock

Some estimates put farmers’ losses to predators at close to $100 million annually. Many large farms live in parts of the country where wolves, coyotes and other predators and scavengers roam. If you live in one of these areas, you might have good reason to fear for your livestock. Farming is always a balance between crops for cattle to graze, natural elements, and how well a farmer can protect his investment. Here are some tips to protect cattle from predators, and recoup more of your investment.

Understanding Predators

Animals who kill livestock aren’t trying to ruin your day, they are struggling to survive against nature. Most kills are opportunistic, which is important to understand. Walk your livestock fencing and look for gaps where predators can squeeze through. If you have livestock that is thin and sickly, consider moving it to the barn until it recuperates. This lowers the risk you face to predators. Remember too that not all predators are the same, so your best approach is to make their food difficult to get.


A good guard dog can help a lot around the farm. It’s helpful to have a companion when you patrol the land, and a dog will chase off any predators who happen to wander onto your land. A guard dog is there to catch predators in the early morning hours, or late nights, when you’re normally sleeping. That cuts down on unpleasant surprises. Guard dogs must be raised differently than a pet though, because dogs must protect the cattle they often bond with the animals instead of the humans.


A Gallagher fence designed to keep out livestock is a lot sturdier than those designed to keep cattle in. You can electrify the fence, which is a good deterrent, but a well manufactured fence will do the same job. It’s important that you build the fence high enough to avoid animals jumping it to get to their dinner. Also, consider fencing in young animals closer to the barn, where they are less likely to be carried off by predators.

Final Thoughts

There are both lethal and non-lethal ways to deal with livestock predators around the farm. You should understand your enemy before you take precautions to protect your animals. You can’t control every situation, but you can take steps to safeguard the area around your farm.
Jason Governo writes on behalf of Farm Supply Store. At Farm Supply Store, you can browse live stock fencing that includes dog corrals and high tensile strength fencing.

Power Tool Buying Guide

Having a good tool around the house is invaluable. There is a misconception that tools cost money. The right tools should actually save you money around the house, and man hours if you choose power tools. A Kawasaki cordless drill, for instance, can quickly hang photos and bore holes into the wall for wiring. Shave man hours off your labor, and save hundreds in maintenance costs. Here is a quick rundown of tips for buying power tools.

Avoid Store Brands

Store brands often carry a price tag that makes the purchase nearly irresistible. There are a few reason to ditch store brands, however, in favor of more quality parts. For one, if you move away from the retailer then it will be difficult to replace parts as tools break down. If you get attached to a store brand and move away, it may also be difficult to purchase new tools from the same line. Also, warranties might be better with the bigger brands. It’s common for an established brand to offer life time warranties on their supplies, and store brands may give you difficult trying to get returns or maintenance done.


Try to purchase power tools that utilize the same battery. A Kawasaki drill battery, for instance, might be compatible with other tools from the same line. Buying two will ensure you always have an extra on hand to keep you efficient, and you’ll be able to power multiple tools with the same hardware. You also don’t need to invest in multiple charging stations, as usually one will do.

Money Saving Tips

The best time to shop for tools is around the holidays, so take advantage of Christmas and Father’s Day sales whenever you can. You also don’t have to buy your tools brand new. You can wait for a price drop, like clearance, or you can buy your tools refurbished. Amateur do-it-yourselfers don’t need a brand new tool in every case. Though a new tool does have its merits, there is no shame in purchasing an expensive tool at a reduced cost. Just be sure that the tool is functioning, and in good condition. Tool prices also fluctuate routinely throughout the year, so it’s sometimes helpful to maintain tabs at your favorite tool retailers so you can get updates on new sale items.

Final Thoughts

Buying tools can get addictive. The right tool will finish any job in minutes, and you can use some of the same hardware to keep tools functioning. Beware of the non-established brands, and opt for tools that come with a comprehensive warranty. You can also save money when you order online.
Toolsmith Direct sells power tools, including a cordless drill and batteries. Browse popular tool brands online at Toolsmith Direct.