What to Consider in a Construction Expert Witness

Construction Expert WitnessThere are numerous questions that you’re going to need to ask yourself when hiring a credible construction expert witness for your case. Your first priority should lie whether or not he’s truly suited for the case.

Consider Appropriateness

Beyond their credentials and hands-on experience, assess whether or not his knowledge and skills that he brings to the table works in conjunction to the case. For example, if your dispute is revolving around plumbing, you wouldn’t want to hire someone that specializes in roof fixtures. Remember, a witness that specializes in general construction areas are easier targets for the opposing counsel members, no matter their credibility.

Make Sure You Hire Early

If you’re hiring a witness, make sure you hire early. This way, you won’t miss out on what perspective they can offer you when it comes to the preparation of the case. Here, the expert will offer you advice or suggestions that could affect the result of the dispute. Listen to all of the technical details that he might provide. You’re also at liberty to ask what he believes will be the strong and weak points of the opposing side’s expert witnesses so you have the upper hand. Don’t skim on detail, especially when you have a substantial claim to deal with.

Also, it’s important that you give the witness time. They’re going to need time to write their reports, reflect and discuss the case, and consider the available materials. All of these factors play a large role in deciding the outcome, so be sure to speak with one of the many construction consulting services to discuss witnesses today.

Bio: Lyle Charles is the head of Lyle Charles Consulting, a consulting firm that has years of field experience in construction issues that will help move the resolution process swiftly and easily.

What Not to Do When Selling your Home

What Not to Do When Selling your HomeSelling your home is a time-consuming and emotionally demanding task that involves testing the real estate market and getting the highest possible price for your home within reason.

In order to avoid many of the pitfalls within the home buying process, it’s important that you avoid the mistakes that many homebuyers are making on a consistent basis.

Becoming Emotionally Attached

Once you’ve decided on selling your home, you’re going to want to switch gears from homeowner to businessman. You’re going to want to look at your home as a financial transaction, as well as treat it like one. By getting emotionally involved in the purchase, you’re going to avoid making business decisions and base your actions more by “gut feeling”. You’re likely to lose out on thousands of dollars and will undoubtedly pass on opportunities that would’ve made financial sense.

Disregard Listing Photos

Nowadays, buyers are looking to take a virtual tour of the home before they physically go inside. If you’ve listed your home online, be sure to litter it with photos of every bit of your home. It creates a sense of transparency with the prospect and showcases the best of your home. Good photos will generate plenty of interest.

Not Properly Preparing Your Home

Believe it or not, homeowners continue to hold open houses without properly cleaning. Not only is this a major deal breaker, but word of mouth spreads quickly too. Declutter and clean your home thoroughly before any visitors come to view it. Also, be sure to store any family mementos and photos as it’ll only create a sense of awkwardness and discomfort. Your buyers want to envision themselves in your home.

Bio: Kuba Jewgieniew is the head of Realty ONE Group, a real estate brokerage firm that was ranked as one of the fastest growing companies by Inc. 500.

Get Rid of Discomfort by Replacing Your RV Cushions

RV CushionsThe camper cushions in your RV may not be as high quality as you make them out to be. A number of RV manufacturers tend to pay less attention to the foam inside the seats, which in turn doesn’t bode very well for the passenger that’s relying on it for support. If you can’t sit still on your cushion for longer than five minutes before you start fidgeting around due to discomfort, then it’s time that you make a change.

Determine What Type of Seats You Have

One of the most common seating styles on an RV is the booth style. With looks similar to a round dinette table, they are easy to spot. Some of these units also double as RV bedding, and if so, the cushions inside are fairly easy to change.

Another type is your standard single-seater. Most of these have a zipper attached to them and can easily be changed out.

Changing Your Cushions

Changing your RV cushions is a breeze if you have everything that you need. Most camper seats will have some way to get to the foam, like a zipper or a button for example. Once you’ve opened up your seat, you’ll find that your manufacturer will probably have Dacron wrap around the preexisting foam. Since you’re replacing everything, just take it off and throw it away.

Place a new block of correctly measured foam into the empty slot and wrap some new batting around it. Normally, you’ll be able to find batting pretty much everywhere; this is just to give it an extra level of comfort. After the wrapped foam is placed inside the seat, zip it back up, and test it out for lumps or irregularities in the smoothness. You’ve now successfully replaced your cushions and are ready for those high-mileage road trips without worrying about any more back pains.

Revamp Your Backyard with These Tips

Written by: Wicker Paradise

Have you ever stood and looked at the state of your backyard? If you’ve owned your home for a while, or even if you’re a new home owner, chances are good that your furniture is either run down or non-existent! If your backyard needs a makeover to look like the paradise you want it to be, there are a few basics you’ll want to have around: a garden, outdoor wicker furniture and a cozy space for seating. Read on for tips on how to give your backyard a face lift.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Step one is to develop a clean slate to start from. Begin by removing everything you don’t need from the backyard. Yes, everything. Even that old plastic hose reel you used for storage. Throw out everything that isn’t broken, bolted down or worth keeping. Once you’ve hauled your garbage away, it’s time to see the world with fresh eyes.


Wicker is in, partially because it has a timeless quality to it. Your average outdoor wicker sectional will look as amazing today as it will in five years if you maintain it. Make sure you opt for waterproof fabrics to leave out in the open all year long.

Measure Your Space

With a clean slate, it should be easy enough to determine whether you could use an outdoor wicker sofa, sectional, daybed or easy chair. Remember, you can purchase canvas canopies that are mobile, so you’re not married to whatever concrete might be positioned outside your patio door. Consider laying some new concrete and you’ll find undiscovered places to lounge all over the yard.

5 things you should never do to your carpet

yourhomeimprovementMost people think that carpets are high maintenance. They are actually less maintenance than other forms of flooring but there are list of things you should avoid doing.

Do not scrub – If you have a spill on your carpet, avoid scrubbing it. When you scrub a spill it tends to unlock the fibres. This can make the spot look fuzzy, which can look worse than the stain. If you have a spill, blot the spill with a clean cloth.

Do not use non-carpet cleaner – Only attempt to use carpet spray to get rid of stains. Carpet spray will be gentle and not spread a stain. If you don’t have carpet spray, you can use a gentle diluted dishwashing liquid.

Leave the shoes at the front door- Leaving your shoes at the door will prevent dirt and soil spoiling your carpet.

Avoid dragging your furniture – When you drag your furniture you will cause ripples on your carpet. Its best to carry your furniture from one area to the next.

Do not use beater bar on Berber- Using your vacuum’s beater bar, can help to make many cut pile carpets look fuller. But if your have a looped style carpet such as Berber, a snag can get further loosened. After time this can cause your carpet to unravel.

Excessive sunlight – If your carpet sees harsh sunlight, it is best to keep your blinds closed during these times. This will prevent carpet fading.