7 Affordable decorating ideas

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yourhomeimprovement july 2016Decorating a space sometimes can be costly. If you are on a budget and want a few quick fix ideas to refresh your home, here are a few tips that will cost you next to nothing.

The problem: Your room does not feel inviting – To create a more inviting space, gather pillows from around your home and place them on your sofa. Choose pillowcases that have complementary colours for a mismatched look.

The problem: You have low ceilings – Create the illusion of high ceilings by moving your curtain rods above the window frame. Make sure the curtains graze the bottom of the window or the floor.

The problem: You can’t put holes in your walls – If putting holes in your walls is not an option, place large mirrors angled against walls or on wall shelving.

The problem: Boring built-in book shelves – For those boring built in’s, add a bold colour to window seats with throw pillows. Look for predominant colours in your books for a colour pallette.

The problem: Furniture lines every wall – Furniture aligned at the edges of walls creates an unwelcoming living space. Instead place furniture in groupings to encourage conversation.

The problem: Boring displays – Placing frames or arrangements in even numbers is less pleasing for the eye. Instead go for objects in threes or fives to make your display interesting.

The Problem: A Tiny table – If you have a small table and want to give the illusion of size add a table runner.

5 Home improvement tips that will beautify your home

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yourhomeimprovement june 2016Creating a beautiful home is an aspiration of most home owners. However, is remodeling your entire home can be costly, therefore most people delay remodelling for a long time. If you are looking at gradually remodeling your home, here are 5 areas that will help you beautify your home without breaking your budget.

Teak wood furniture – Changing your furniture to teak wood furniture, can transform your space. Many stores offer modern and traditional styles of teak furniture that will satisfy all tastes. Apart from the fact that teak furniture looks warm and inviting, the wood itself is naturally abundant in oil and rubber and is therefore long lasting.

Remodeling the doors – Changing your doors is a good way to bring instant brightness to your space. If changing your entire doors design is too costly, change the colour of your doors.

Redefine shelving – Shelving can transform a space, by making it seem larger. There are a number of stores that offer pre-made or custom made shelving in a number of designs and colours.

Redo the lighting – Even if you change your entire home and keep your lighting the same, you may not be impressed with the outcome. The right lighting can change the look of a home.

Remodeling the kitchen – Remodeling your entire kitchen can be expensive, therefore it is best to start off with making the most of the storage you currently have. Make sure that your counters are clear of any items. This will make your kitchen look more spacious and bright.

5 Ways to increase the comfort of your home

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Ayourhomeimprovement may 2016fter a long day’s work, coming home, is what most people rely on for rest and relaxation. Therefore, ensuring your home is comfortable, is key to maintaining a healthy work life balance. Here are 5 ways to increase the comfort of your home.

Windows are a great way to add natural light and provide fresh air. To reduce noise, look at glazing your windows. This involves inserting a gas between the glass plates. This will prevent a lot of outdoor noise interrupting your sleep and relaxation time.

Lighting – Natural lighting is best, however if natural light is not possible, invest in some targeted lighting. Look at adding extra light with a desk lamp or overhead lamps. This will give your space a sense of comfort and balance.

Flooring – Walking across cold hard flooring can be difficult. If you cannot invest in heated flooring, invest in a few comfortable, bright rugs. These will help to liven up a room and can even be used to lie on when reading or watching TV.

Pets – Pets are a great way to reduce stress and give you a sense of comfort after a busy day. This is especially true for people who live alone.

Plants – Plants will make a home aesthetically pleasing and help purify the air. Caring and watching a plant grow can reduce blood pressure and prevent allergies, according to some studies. Choose indoor plants that are easy to maintain and need less natural light.


5 Ways to Boost Your Home Value

home improvement
Article by Robert Saroyan of Luxury Homes

Housing prices may dropped everywhere, but there are ways you can improve them by applying some low cost upgrades and fixes, specially if you are trying to sell your house.

– Paint Your Walls in Light Colors
If you walls are in darker colors, make them lighter or white. Lighter colors make the house look bigger. In addition, some people may not like the darker colors and psychologically makes your house unattarctive to them.

– Fix Any Visible Problems
Try and fix any visible problems in your house, such as broken lights, broken plumbing, old paint on the walls and cabinets, broken cabinets, etc.

– Create Space
Remove non-structural walls or kitchen island walls to create bigger space in your house.

– Improve Your Landscaping
The goal is to make your house look better at first sight. If you have dying lawn, then get a new lawn or some fertilizers to improve the condition.  Plant some exotic flowers or trees to make your garden look better. Fruit trees are always an attraction, specially if you live in an area where the weather allows them to grow.

– Upgrade your Floors
If you have old floors and carpeting, upgrade them. It does not have to be expensive, but if it looks new, it will look much more attractive.

Improving Home With Feng Shui

Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese aesthetic system that uses the laws of geography and astronomy to improve a person’s life through receiving positive energy. In Feng Shui terminologies, energy is referred as qi or Chi. Qi means air, or gas that rides with the wind and gets entrapped by water. It is believed that the Chi can improve a particular aspect of a person’s life by activating it through elements and locations favorable to the Chi. The concept of Feng Shui has in existence since time immemorial, which has been passed on from generations to generations. Many environmental scholars have found this practice to be true in many cases; thus integrated it in some traditional practices to promote good life.



Now, Feng Shui is practiced more at home using the Bagua grid. The grid represents 9 important aspects of human’s life namely, career; travel; creativity and children; love; reputation; wealth; family and health; and wisdom. Since it is a grid, it is consists of 3 columns and 3 rows, representing each area called “gua.” The center box of the grid is the fulcrum, which represents the health area and is energized by the element of Earth and the yellow color. Underneath the middle box is the career, which is represented by the element of Water and the black color. Above the middle box is the reputation box, represented by the element of Fire and the red color. To the right of the career box is the People/Travel box that is represented by the Gray or Silver color. Above it is the creativity/children box that is represented by the element of Metal and the white color.  Above the creativity box is the love box represented by the pink color. On the left side of the career box is the wisdom box, which is energized by the color blue. Above it is the family box, which is energized by the element of Wood and the color green. Finally, above the family box is the prosperity box, which is known to be represented by the color Purple.

To use Feng Shui in improving a home, the whole layout plan of the house must be fit in the grid so that the layout, arrangements, decorations and colors will be replaced or changed according to the grid. The Bagua grid doesn’t change. It works when the aforementioned colors and elements are placed in exact order or locations mentioned in the grid.