3 Simple Bathroom Remodeling Tips For Small Spaces

Carrying out a bathroom remodeling doesn’t have to be an arduous task. In fact, you can complete a bathroom remodeling by using every inch of space available to you.

That said, here are 3 simple bathroom remodeling tips for small spaces:

#1: Add fixtures and improve bathroom lighting

A number of powder rooms are located within one’s home and don’t have a window to let the light in. It is for this reason that choosing the right light fixtures is important and which could include either a bright ceiling fixture or even one with multiple bulbs over the mirror. But whatever you do, make sure you avoid those ‘Hollywood lights’ when you’re doing any kind of remodeling.

#2: Find a sink with a small footprint

If you have a small bathroom, a large built-in sink can really take up more space than you think. For this reason, using a small pedestal sink will really help and make your room look larger than it really is. The only downside, of course, is that there is no storage space beneath the sink.

#3: Try vertical shelving

It’s fair to say that bathrooms need a little storage space. It’s better to have a vertical shelving unit installed instead of having your toiletries and toilet paper strewn out in the open. In fact, a shelf with doors for toiletries and toilet paper while open shelves for towels can be made so that one can have more space for other items. You can also add a bar or ring on which to hang the towel.

Picking a Contractor in Chicago

If you’re looking to do some work on your home in Chicago, you’ll most likely need a contractor, unless you can handle the project on your own. Remodeling contractors in Chicago are not tough to find which means you’ll have your pick of many. The important thing, however, is picking the right one. If you don’t, you could end up with a damaged home and a hurt bank account.

Start by looking at those contractors who specialize in what you want done. If your siding is suffering for example, look for a contractor who handles siding repair in Chicago. If your roof is leaking, don’t take another contractor on simply because you like their price. Hire the one who has the most experience fixing roofs.

You’ll also want to look for references, of course. Some of the best ones you can find will be online. Even if your contractor has plenty of positive testimonials, it’s more important you find unsolicited references as those are the kinds that came unprompted and have the most likelihood of being 100% true.

Lastly, look for a contractor you have a good chemistry with. This might seem like strange advice, but consider how much time you’ll be spending with them and how important the project is. It can be easy for patience to wear thin and that won’t help anyone. Someone you can get along with is important in a contractor.


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Cleaning For You

During our early formative years growing up, our parents would always tell us to help out with household chores, and let us face it, no one ever really wanted to do so but we were forced to do it anyway. We disliked doing chores because it required so much effort while taking up so much of our precious time that could have been spent playing outside on the lawn. The present is no different, busy careers and fast paced lifestyle will always take precedence over mundane household chores as time is much more valuable to us now more than ever.

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How to Sleep Better

One of the more interesting ideas to debut at CES this year was a tech-infused bed. You can not only set the firmness of one side of the mattress, you can track sleeping patterns via sensors built into the bed. The bed even has a feature that elevates your partner’s head by six inches if he or she snores. All of this gadgetry makes for an intriguing proof of concept, but you don’t need fancy electronics to sleep better.

White Noise

White or pink noise is a form of static that helps drown out ambient noise. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a gated community in the middle of nowhere, chances are there are sounds in your neighborhood. Simple iPad apps hooked up to a stereo via an auxillary cable will provide more than enough sound to drown out most noise. It’s also a consistent sound, so you aren’t distracted by loops or jarring noises as you drift off to sleep.

Warm Tea

There is evidence to suggest that warm tea before bed can actually soothe you to sleep. Before you invest in a new mattress or down a bottle of Nyquil, try a cup of chamomile. Green tea is another good choice as it has theanine in it. Just make sure that you’re not drinking the caffeinated stuff.

Foam Pillows

Part of what causes back pain is improper support. Closed cell foam in Canada is more compact than the open-cell foam you might find in a sponge. This is the same foam you would find on a sleeping or a yoga mat. Foam has a few advantages:

  • It’s sturdy material that is easy to replace.
  • It holds body heat, which is great for the winter time.
  • It’s lightweight.

Foam pillows can also be cut to a contour, like a posture-pedic pillow. These pillows are designed to cradle the head and support the neck, allowing you to sleep on your side or your back in relative comfort.

Foam Mattress Topper

Foam can be added to any mattress in a variety of ways. A memory foam topper for your mattress in Canada offers comfort at a small cost. It’s much cheaper to add a foam topper, like an egg crate, than it is to replace your mattress entirely. You can also replace the foam each year as it gets stained or loses its firmness. Some foam pads are also naturally waterproof and may guard against dust mites and mold better than your average mattress.
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How to Display Your Collectibles Using Plastic

Whether you collect toys, sports memorabilia, or model cars, it’s nice to share your collection with friends and family. After all, you’ve spent a great deal of time and money on gathering valuable items — now it’s time to show off your treasures.

However, there is an art to displaying collectibles. Most people store away collectibles in a box in the garage or in the attic where it not only collects dust but stays out of the spotlight. Others simply place them around the home without proper protection. However, it’s important to find a way to not only feature your collectibles, but also protect them from the elements. Use these tips on how to showcase and protect your treasures using plastic containers.

Diecast display cases: When it comes to showing off model cars, you want a clear case that will also protect your collectibles. Diecast display cases are designed to display all types of model cars that are too special to be stored in a box or in the attic. These lightweight, durable cases are available in a variety of sizes, making it easy for you to find just the right size for your model cars.

Want something more sophisticated? Diecast display cases are also available with special features, such as wood bases or mirrored bottoms. Use these handy containers to display model cars, slot cars, Disney Pixar Cars, Johnny Lightning cars, NASCAR, and Hot Wheels.

Sports display cases: Sports memorabilia shouldn’t be stored away in the garage, especially if it has been signed by your favorite athlete. Instead, display and protect the things you love by placing them in sports display cases. These wholesale clear plastic boxes are designed specifically for sports memorabilia such as signed baseballs, basketballs, and footballs. You can also use them to showcase mini helmets. For the extra special memento, purchase a sports display case with elegant details such as a real wood base with fake grass.

Toy display cases: Whether you collect dolls or model cars, these treasures don’t belong tucked away in a storage bin. They also don’t belong scattered throughout your home. Designed for collectible toys, a toy display case is the perfect place to keep toys organized and in the spotlight.  Use them to showcase Beanie Babies, Barbies, or bobble head dolls. Once inside the case, place the toys on the fireplace or on a special shelf designed to showcase your collection.
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Tips to Make Your Manufacturing Plant a Safer Space

Managing the safety of the workers and staff in a manufacturing plant requires excellent attention to detail, and a team orientated attitude. Everyone should know the safety procedures, and be prepared to react in the event of an emergency. Putting those safety procedures into action, and enforcing policies that keep the plant safe should be an important step for management. Workplace safety lowers workers compensation claims, keeps staff productive, and maintains the operational efficiency of machinery.

Follow OSHA Guidelines

OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the job of this government entity is to create and enforce safety standards for the work place. Starting with the OSHA website, there is a wealth of safety information and business tips that employers can download. OSHA provides specific advice on concepts like how to use portable ladders, how to properly utilize industrial equipment and how to drive forklifts. Manufacturing plants must adhere to OSHA regulations, as they are under the jurisdiction of that organization.

Analyze Concerns

OSHA guidelines are meant as a broad interpretation of what plants need to stay safe. They don’t cover individual circumstances. For instance, a metal manufacturer might use industrial air conditioning to maintain the temperatures near a furnace. This is for employee health and workplace safety. That’s why it’s important for management and staff to analyze potential risks and craft a plan for dealing with them.

Enforce Rules

You must also take your plans a step further and enforce them. A hard hat area is no good if no one respects the rules, and it only takes a moment to have a harmful accident on your hands. A designated member of your staff should be in charge of enforcing safety rules and handing out infractions for people who refuse to follow the guidelines. Just be sure that you provide employees with a printed copy of the guidelines so that everyone can get the same information.

Review Guidelines

Each manufacturing plant will be different, and may require updates depending on the equipment you use. Be sure that management routinely walks the plant, checklist in hand, to assess new security risks. Meetings with employees can also help pinpoint potential dangers, or provide an outlet to air concerns. Management may not know that employees on an assembly line are overheating unless they ask them. Using portable ac units may alleviate the issue without costly additions to the plant ventilation system. These kinds of assessments require your staff to remain attentive while working with hazards.
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Door Hinge Comparison Guide

Purchasing a new door or replacing an existing door is a task that requires you to make a lot of choices. Along with determining the style, color and material of your door, you also need to be aware of your hardware options. This includes choosing from several different types of door hinges, which are used to connect the door and let it open and shut.

There are some of the most common types of door hinges that are used in home doors:

Barrel Hinges: Barrel hinges are aptly named, as the main hinge is short, stubby and hollow. The rotational force is driven to the pivot. These are typically used in high traffic areas where the door will be used frequently, as they are very durable.

Piano Hinges: These are also known as continuous hinges because they go all the way up and down the length of a door or a box. These are often used in cabinets, chests and jewelry boxes but can also be used for front entrance doors to provide additional strength.

Flag Hinges: Flag hinges are able to rotate 360 degrees, making them a great choice for doors that need to rotate in a variety of directions. The hinges can also be separated so that it is easy to remove the door. They are a good choice for outdoor doors and fencing that need a heavy-duty hinge.

Butt Hinges:  Also known as mortise hinges, butt hinges are one of the hinges most commonly found in residential homes. Three or four butt hinges are typically installed on a door, where they are put directly into the frame of the door.

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